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Blockchain Monitor

We monitor Proton Chain in real-time for interesting and significant events and publish them over Telegram as they happen.

Service description

Notifications for the following categories are published when they breach the thresholds below:

Mainnet: XPR and wrapped coin transfers on mainnet.
Cross-chain: cross-chain transfers of XPR and other coins.
🔄 Swap: swapping of XPR, XMT, LOAN and all wrapped coins.
🥩 Staking: staking and unstaking of XPR and LOAN (including duration).
🥩 Long staking: payouts including rewards (over 250k XPR).
💰 Loan markets: lending, borrowing and liquidations.
💱 Liquidity: funds added and removed from liquidity.
📈 Inflation: change in inflation (reaching a whole number).
🔥 Burn: XPR burns (for amounts over 100k XPR).
🚨 Scam: Proton and KuCoin scam accounts activity.


Currency Threshold Currency Threshold
XPR 3,000,000 XDOGE 200,000
LOAN 40,000,000 XADA 30,000
XMT 10,000 XBCH 100
METAL 20,000 XBNB 75
XBTC 0.70 XEOS 12,500
XETH 10 XLTC 250
XUSDC 25,000 XUNI 3,500
XUSDT 25,000 XLUNR 300,000

Subsribe to our Telegram service to receive instant notifications for large and interesting transactions taking place on Proton Chain.